Tried & Tested // Zoella Beauty #Sweet Inspirations

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations

One of my all time favourite youtuber’s Zoe Sugg has released a new range of Bath and Body products to add to her expanding range of Zoella Beauty. ‘Sweet Inspirations’ is based on a French Patisserie theme, using scrumptious macaron scented notes and sweet almond oil to create a heavenly deep sweet scent. The world had been waiting for months for Zoe’s next release after seeing so many teaser images scattered around her twitter and when she finally revealed the new collection, I, for one was ecstatic. The packaging is gorgeous with pastel stripes and gold foil lettering I knew right away I would love it  *even if it was just for the packaging*. I’ve even taken inspiration from the line for the colours on my blog, so let me know if you like ‘au pastel’. On the 27th I made a quick midnight order on Feel Unique to order all the new collection however the Body Fondant wasn’t available *due to shipping problems* however I managed to get my hands on all the rest!


Zoella Sweet Inspirations Body Mist

Zoella Beauty – Sweet Inspirations Body Mist
45ml – £8

I was excited to smell the new fragrance because I love sweet/cake shop scents, however, no youtube review could really prepare me for what I was going to smell. Instead of it being a sickly sweet smell like Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake *to which I note I am a huge lover of* it came as a surprise to me that it was quite a deep muted sweet scent that is definitely wearable day to day. The body mist itself is quite strong for a body mist and is more similar to a perfume in concentration. It’s not too sickly on the skin and is lovely and light on the skin!


Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Candy Clutch Bag

Zoella Beauty – Candy Clutch Beauty Bag

I’m not one for a clutch or makeup bag, which is why I have never previously picked up one of Zoe’s famous Beauty Bag’s but once I saw her new bags I knew I had to get my hands on them. First up is the Candy Clutch which incorporates the popular ‘fold over’ style. On one side is a cream and pastel pink style fabric whilst on the other is a plastic cream solid colour with an embossed ‘Z’, this then folds over so you can see the ‘Z’ against the Zoella Beauty logo on the fabric side. Apart from the fact this bag looks so stylish, I can quite happily stroll out of the house with it as for a small bag it has so much space! Whether you use it as a fold over or it’s full bag potential it’s the Mary Poppins of bags!


Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Double Creme Body Cream

Zoella Beauty – Double Creme Body Lotion
160ml – £5.00

Even though I hardly use body lotion due to oily skin I have to admit I do have a hoard collecting in my cupboards. Again enriched with the sweet macaron scent it’s quite a thick cream so you only need a pea sized amount and it sunk really quickly into the skin leaving my skin feeling moisturised and smelling sweet. The packaging is classic with pink pastel and cream stripes with purple cursive lettering and a large gold ‘Z’ at the top. Best of all it doesn’t leave a sticky residue which is a huge thing in my books!


Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Life is Sweet Bag

Zoella Beauty – Life is Sweet Beauty Bag

Originally I had no idea what I was going to use this gorgeous little purse for but in less than a day it’s already found its way into my bag. At the moment, I’m using it for change but hopefully it will change into a place for my receipts *I know…really boring adult thing*. A gorgeous pastel blue with ‘Life is Sweet’ in gold foil writing; I could definitely see it on some future Zoella merch but it’s so perfect for a theme of patisserie’s and I think the scalloped edge add’s even more cute!


Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Sugar Dip Bath Salts

Zoella Beauty – Sugar Dip Fragranced Balt Salts
150g – £6.00 

I’ve never tried Bath Salt’s before but have always been tempted by the ‘luxuriousness’ of salts instead of my usual bath bombs and wondered if there was much difference. They’re rather like the dip in sweets that make your tongue sizzle and smell absolutely divine like the rest of the collection, its verging on a spa like experience. Out of all the products, this has to be my favourite packaging wise. Even though the main product is a small bag inside the triangle I can’t do away with the rest of it *its too pretty!*.

Zoella Beauty Bath Latte Bath and Shower Milk

Zoella Beauty – Bath Latte
400ml – £6.00

I love the sweet vintage milk bottle packaging as it’s such a unique packaging for what essentially is a bubble bath. I’ve just tested it out in my boyfriend’s bath and it created an amazing amount of bubbles! I also found the liquid was very creamy which made the bath feel super moisturising *probably the almond oil or cacao*.I may note that this 1920’s pastel style packaging has me head over heels in love.


Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Le Fizz Bath Fizzer

Zoella Beauty – Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer
200g – £5.00 

Even though I love a colourful LUSH bath bomb I really wanted to try out the Le Fizz bar, it feel’s like I’m opening an actual chocolate bar! After peeling back the packaging there’s lots of little white bath squares with ‘Z’ on them. I popped in three into my bath to fizz away into nothing leaving a gorgeous scent behind. I sometimes find these type’s of fragranced products bring up a small rash on my skin, however, my skin was absolutely fine and soft so these products are good for more sensitive skin too!

What’s your favourite product from the new range?
Let me know down below in the comments as I love hearing from all of you!


8 responses to “Tried & Tested // Zoella Beauty #Sweet Inspirations”

  1. Emma says:

    Beautiful photos! My favourite product is the Candy Clutch. It just looks so preeetty. I actually did a mini review over on my blog as well x

  2. Emily Newstead says:

    These photos are gorgeous! Definitely going to take some inspiration from your blog and approve my photography:)

    Emily xo

    • anniemac3295 says:

      Thankyou so so much!! I’ve been trying to improve my blog photography for ages and I’m glad to see it’s finally paying off! I had thought about doing a Blog Photography style post soon would this be something you’re interested in? 🙂 xx

  3. Emma Dunn says:

    I’ve been looking into some of these products for a while but didn’t know if I’d like them… Thank you so much for reviewing these!

    • FarewellMay says:

      Best one’s to go for would either be the bath latte, the bags or the mist as their so easy to use all the time 🙂 x

  4. Abigail Sui says:

    Your photos are stunning! I’ve always wanted to try Zoellas range but never had the chance!

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