The Slim Summaries Week #2 & 3 // Keeping Motivated


Here’s the second and third week of this series, I decided to throw them together to get as up to date as possible and unfortunately for these two weeks for me it’s been the lead-up to hand in. After the first week, you start to lose the motivation to get up and go to the gym or eat healthily so I have to say these last two weeks have been more than a challenge.
On Monday, I had my first personal training session with Carly which took everything out of me but I definitely felt my muscles burning. The session was mainly to get an idea of my fitness’ level and to do a few little exercises I could do by myself at the gym or at home. I’ve also sent her my food diary from last week so she can make a basic meal plan for me to live by for the summer. Unfortunately, she’s away for the next week so I won’t be able to get my food plan for a couple of weeks however if I stay away from chocolate bars I’m sure it will be fine. I continued going every other day and went to Zumba for the second week in a row and loved it! I need to enforce some sort of secure workout plan so if anyone has any suggestions let me know!
Unfortunately, Week three had my hand-in on Friday so I spent all week at home knuckling down on my coursework however, I still took the time to pop in my favourite Darcy Bussel Pilates DVD just to keep me stretching and moving. I also made sure to go to Zumba again after hand-in on Friday which was a lovely break to just get out the house.

As for diet, I was doing well on week two, eating courgetti, vegetables and a very small amount of pasta. However, when week three started it all went downhill; With the lack of time, I resorted to takeaways and easy pasta dishes which I’m pretty sure piled some pounds back on. So as I go home for week four I’m banning takeaways from my house to get out of that rut, and eating super healthy to make up for week three.

I invested in some gym gear this week which was well-needed as I wasn’t going to survive on cheap 5-year-old trainers. Luckily across from the gym is a Nike outlet so I went in there to ask what would be the best trainer for me. They were so helpful and knew exactly what I needed, and sure enough, I found my perfect trainers. As I have bad overpronation in my feet especially on my right foot, I needed a strong support to help recreate my arch and also stop me from running onto my bone. I ended up choosing Nike’s LunarGlide 7 in a hot pink/orange colour (see picture above), with these my feet felt free and cushioned, unlike my old trainers that squashed my feet and were hard. Also, they look pretty swish if I do say so myself, and nothing makes you feel better than strutting into the gym with gorgeous new trainers.

I am known for being awful at drinking. I can sometimes go each day with only drinking a glass of summer fruits and nothing else (I know awful habit). For my own safety health wise, I knew I needed to start drinking, firstly to keep me alive and secondly for the added benefits of not feeling hungry so often and having a marvellous complexion. I decided to invest in Ulla; A Hydration Reminder Device (see picture above). Its  small clip that attaches to an elasticated band to fit around any glass or bottle you would like, although I wouldn’t suggest putting it on a glass whilst your out as it’s so small it’s easy to forget. You can put it on your water bottle and it slowly flashes once to acknowledge you’ve put it down on a solid surface, about every half an hour if you haven’t picked the bottle up to drink within that time, the light inside the Ulla will blink at you and won’t stop until you have a drink, it then senses when you have had a drink (tilt detection sensor) and then will stop blinking. Another interesting feature is that it picks up when people aren’t around or your sleeping so will turn itself off accordingly. I got mine in a cool mint colour and I love it! Unfortunately, they’re sold out on their site but you can also get them from amazon here. Ulla’s been a huge life saver for me and I’ve gone from drinking maybe 150ml to nearly 2 litres in a matter of days.


That’s the end of Week Two & Three! I hope you enjoyed this instalment of the Slim Summaries, Week Four will be up next Wednesday 4th May (My 21st Birthday Yay!)

What’s your idea of a workout plan?

2 responses to “The Slim Summaries Week #2 & 3 // Keeping Motivated”

  1. Marty says:

    what gym does Carly work at? I’d love to have a PT session with her! I really gotta get my butt back to the gym too, I have neglected my body BIIIIG time xx

    • FarewellMay says:

      She works at 24/7 Fitness near Riverside in Norwich, although back in April she was only available Mondays and Tuesdays as well as the fact she goes away for youtube things which mean’s it’s sometimes hard to get an appointment but she really is the loveliest trainer. Let me know how the gym goes and whether you go with Carly or not 🙂 x

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