So it’s been 6 months…

Old English Company

Photo's taken by Ben Lee

So you may have noticed, but I've been gone for a while and this time it wasn't just a couple of weeks. In all honesty, my last post was all the way back in mid-December last year and as my just as my blog does, my readers mean a lot to me, so I believe you've earned an explanation. So if we go back to January of this year, I was thinking "yeah, new start; new me" and all that usual nonsense. I had a big thing planned where my content was finally going to be consistent and after finishing university I was going to set out to do what I originally intended to do with my blog.

Then I finally landed my first job as a graduate; it was in London with a huge company and I was so excited. However, my blog took a backseat. I soon released why there were so many blog posts on "how to balance a full-time job with your blog" and the majority of these posts didn't even factor in travel - to which I was travelling approximately four hours a day total-. After several months of this routine, I was starting to feel burnt out; with no time to myself whether that be for some headspace or socially to pursue hobbies or passions.

It became increasingly harder to give myself that little break away from work-mode to allow my creative juices to start a-flowing. The one thing I usually am quite confident about was suffering. Throughout my five years blogging - wow I'm getting old -  even though I've had the odd blogger's block or lack of consistency, I've never experienced a lack of creativity.

Old English Company
Old English Company
Old English Company
So, in the end, that job didn't work out and in all honesty, I'm grateful for the things I've learnt but also glad I can put some more focus into the projects that I'm really passionate about. Suddenly here I was with no job, no money and a desperate need to re-find my passions. One of the things I realised was that creative control is very important to me; I want to have a real connection to all the images and content I publish, whilst exploring and expanding lots of creative ideas. I hope for that connection to not only come through in all my captions and tweets but also in my writing on here.
For me, I feel I needed a good ol' change to motivate and inspire myself to get back into the swing of things again, so what better than changing my blog name. I've had the name 'FarewellMay' for years but I had no personal connection to it I always felt like there was something missing. I wanted something that better reflected 23-year-old me rather than 19-year-old me. It was actually Ben who came up with my new blog name; I was torn between wanting to name my blog after my real full name but for privacy reasons also wanting a blog alias. He came up with 'The Anna Aesthetic' which I just found perfectly encompassed everything I wanted from a name.
I've also changed all my social media handles to reflect the name change - unfortunately @theannaaesthetic was taken on twitter and I wanted all of them to be the same & easy to remember - so my twitter, facebook, instagram & pinterest are now all under @theaaesthetic.

My Old English Company Favourites

One company that helped me along the way was The Old English Company. Now I had heard of Old English Company a lot through various bloggers and reviews, I had even visited their store in Brighton - city review coming soon - but I hadn't ever got anything from the shop. The first thing I had my eye on was these little & big spoon pillowcases. Even though you don't tend to see it so much on my blog, I'm a BIG lover of homeware so these were right up my street! They're really high quality and make my white bedding pop just that little more. Next up was the 'I'd rather be in bed' enamel mug; now I may not be a tea or coffee kinda gal, but I did eat my weight in hot chocolate at my old job - just sayin' - so I thought I great way to pep me up mid slump was this cute mug. I love the slogan on the side too, I don't know about you but I'm practically married to my bed. I really wanted to grab a pin as there were so many to choose from in the store, but this 'Buy me pizza and tell me I'm pretty' enamel pin said it all for me. Lastly - and probably most importantly - I picked up this Blush pink and gold A5 Planner, It's great for getting my daily to-do's written down, which is a godsend when it comes to blogging. It also just so happen's that it looks gorgeous as-well so makes a great flatlay prop too! I'm so happy with my bits from The Old English Company, they also do prints and lots of other gifts, so I'll definitely be going back in the future whether it be to get some gifts for birthdays or some homeware when I - finally - move out!

Old English Company

So my - not so new year - resolutions are to really take control of my blog, make it consistent and make it mine. I've dilly-dallied over my blog, popping an odd post in here and there but never really taking full ownership, or really putting all my energy into it, and that's going to change. Firstly I'm going to be posting at least once a week, every so often there maybe more but at the minimum, there will always be one per week - I'm thinking maybe Thursdays or Fridays? -. I'm going to be more active on social media so one to three posts of Instagram daily, weekly updates on Facebook, more pins on Pinterest and actually being active on Twitter. All in all, I want to be more present. I'm also going to be starting up my Youtube channel again, I previously did a couple of videos in 2013 and then also in 2015 but never put the time into it. Now I'm really excited to put my all into it and start learning a bit more about that side of the Blogosphere. I recently vlogged my experience at blogconldn so that will be coming up in the next week so stay tuned, but I've also got hauls and challenges planned so make sure you subscribe!

Old English Company

So yeah, that's a little insight or update into where I've been. I hope you forgive the break but I promise this new content is worth the wait. Thank you for sticking with me, and see you in my next post!



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