Regaining my self – confidence with Results With Lucy

Results With Lucy

Since starting at university I've consistently tried to crack the fitness and diet bug time and time again; I've even bashed out a few blog posts over the years (see here & here) on getting my act together or hopping on the bandwagon. In all honesty, I had a whole post planned on fad diets and 'What Happens When A Diet Doesn't Work' (which you may still see in the next few weeks) but first, I want to talk about health.

After graduating this summer, I've lost around two stone, dropped nearly two jean sizes and slowly but surely my self- confidence is building. Through being aware of foods that don't agree with me and reducing portion sizes the pounds are falling off but I know that food is only half the story when it comes to weight loss. I haven't always hated exercise, in fact, I danced multiple times a week as a child along with dancing in shows and fetes in my spare time for years. Although anyone who knew me in high school could probably testify, you would never EVER see me in P.E class (perhaps five times a term) and into my twenties, I've fully embraced the student lifestyle of takeaway and lounging on the sofa with my laptop all day.

A few factors have made me look at my health from a new perspective; for one I developed IIH (idiopathic intracranial hypertension) which presents itself as a fake 'tumour' in your brain. Brain's are surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid to protect them from injury, filter waste and provide nourishment, however with IIH there is too much fluid and a high pressure builds up. Symptoms can include severe headache's, photophobia, pulsatile tinnitus and vision loss, along with more. Even though it's only lightly been researched into, Doctors have found in the majority of cases the cause is being overweight. A good lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise and significant weight loss along with medication is the main treatment for IIH (for more information click here). After my diagnosis, I knew my unhealthy student lifestyle had to go, and so after trying and searching through my fair share of diets, I turned to Results with Lucy.

Results With Lucy
Results With Lucy
Results With Lucy
Results With Lucy
 What I enjoy most about Results with Lucy is freedom of choice; whether you are a new mother, a blushing bride to be, a student or someone who needs a variety of different exercise levels (like myself) there are options to choose from with structured plans and On Demand. With structured plans, you get week to week workouts delivered to your dashboard, tailored for your needs along with access to easy recipe's to try out at home. Most of the plans last about twelve weeks as Results with Lucy believe changing your lifestyle around and starting to see a change is not from a one week fix, it takes longer than that to break habits and form healthy new beginnings, but Lucy and her team are there to guide you along the way!
I'm currently on the On Demand +* subscription which allows me to obtain all the video's and recipe's on the Results with Lucy website. This was the best choice for me, as it gives me a wide variety of workouts to choose from; when my headaches are severe I do light Pilate and Yoga style workouts, and when my heads feeling clearer I go for the more intense HIIT style workouts. I can also access all of this content on my laptop, phone, and tablet; so wherever I go my workouts can come with me. Qualified trainers take you step by step through each class ( which vary from short 8-minute workouts to longer more class like workouts ) which means you get great advice on posture and how best to move your body safely. So far my favourite workouts have to be the dance style ones, including ballet and a more intense dance workout. I can't wait to try more and make my own playlist of favourite workouts along with trying some more of the recipes'.

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my new fitness journey, I've got a yummy recipe from Results with Lucy up soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Do you prefer the gym or staying home and working out?



2 responses to “Regaining my self – confidence with Results With Lucy”

  1. Diana says:

    Results with Lucy sounds great! I have a few apps on my phone that I use at times too. I think having a structured schedule is such a good idea. I’m stepping up my health game this year as well, so hopefully we can crush our goals together! Wishing you all the best in your health journey, so glad to hear you’ve gained confidence along the way xx

  2. Elise says:

    Congrats on your weight loss, you look fab! Loved this post. I definitely prefer working out at the gym just because I’m the type of person who needs to be in a space where I feel motivated and positive to work out (basically I’m really lazy if I work out at home!) xx

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