My Five Step Skincare Regime for Healthy Skin

I’ll be totally honest with you; before August I had never heard of Jurlique. I’ve stuck with a basic cream cleanser and spot cream for years and when trying out any new products or steps in my regime, either products have reacted with my skin or I’ve become too lazy to try anything else. This summer I finally decided to do something about my skin.

I took myself into Debenhams for a skin consultation with Jurlique where I got to try out a range of different products and create a personalised plan to follow. I’m at an age where my skin’s getting a little drier as I step out of my teenage spots stage but still has patches that produce a lot of oil where other patches tend to be dry. This makes skincare quite difficult as products for oily skin dry out my skin whereas products for dry and sensitive skin over moisturise and make me break out – all in all, my skin is a nightmare right now -.  The lovely expert at Jurlique looked over my skin and picked out a few products that would be beneficial for my problem skin. I was treated to a relaxing mini- facial and each product was explained to me in detail so I knew the benefits and exactly what was in each product – something of a rarity nowadays-.

Jurlique is focused on providing skincare for every type of skin, with each product filled with all natural ingredients. Their formulas are great especially for anyone with sensitive skin as due to only using natural ingredients from their farm in Australia they’re no chemicals for you to react to!

Herbal Recovery // Antioxidant Cleansing Mouse

I’m not a great lover of foaming cleansers and normally I just stick to my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish which is a gentle cream cleanser, so from the offset I was apprehensive. However, instead of foaming out into drying bubbles it lathers up into a more mousse like texture. I simply rub it between my palms then apply in circular motions on my face to really get all the bacteria and makeup off my face. Then I use a hot muslin cloth to wipe away the remaining mousse and makeup, It leaves my skin feeling clean, clear and ready to fully utilise the rest of my routine.

Rose Water Balance Mist Intense Deluxe Edition

I had seen this toner wandering around the blogosphere on a few of my favourite blogger’s post’s and as soon as I saw it on the Jurlique counter I knew I had to get it. As previously I’ve had quite a simple skincare routine I’ve always missed out the toner section however I thought I’d give it a try and see if there were any real benefits. The rose water is perfect for giving your face an extra bit of hydration and all you have to do is spray your face 1-2 times and you’re done! Easy as pie!

Activating Water Essence

This is an exciting new product from Jurlique just released this September, the main ingredient is Marshmellow Root which helps to soften, hydrate and revitalise your skin as well as prepping your skin to get the most of the rest of your routine. It’s a completely new step in skincare regimes originating from Asia and is slowly working its way over to the western world. I only use about three drops in my hand and pat it all over my face to give myself protected and hydrated skin throughout the day. If you want a full review I’ve done one already just click here.

Herbal Recovery // Antioxidant Face Oil & Night Cream

Normally at the end of washing my face I just leave it to dry and reach for the covers however, I’ve found in the last couple of months my skin is feeling a little tighter and dry after my regime, so I looked up some remedies and found that a night cream or moisturiser usually does the trick to rejuvenate your skin. Also since I’ve had oily skin for the majority of my life I thought oils would just make my skin ten times worse but as my skin is slowly getting a little drier I thought I would take the plunge and see  if the bloggers were true and perhaps oil is good for oil like people say? I mix my oil with my night cream for an extra layer of hydration and it works a treat. After a good cleanser, my face feels tighter and this last step in my routine just restores all my hydration leaving my face feeling plump and healthy.

I’m planning a giveaway soon for you guys to win your own Activating Water Essence so make sure you follow me on my Twitter and stay tuned!

What is your skincare routine like? Is it a simple face wash or is it the full monty? Let me know below in the comments!

Anna xo


2 responses to “My Five Step Skincare Regime for Healthy Skin”

  1. hilarice says:

    First of all; love the flat lay! Beautiful, really. And will check out this brand, looks lovely! X

  2. Lily says:

    Jurlique is one of my favourite brands – I ought to try more from them x

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