Brand In Focus: Charlotte Tilbury

Brand in Focus: Charlotte Tilbury

In the world of beauty blogging, there is one brand that year after year has kept its status as a cult favourite since it burst onto the beauty scene in and that is Charlotte Tilbury. With a celebrity fan list as long as her fiery red hair, Charlotte has amassed a fan base seemingly overnight. Using gorgeous rose gold packaging with a 1950's style to it along with highly pigmented & quality products it's not surprising to see she's the bloggers favourite. You'll regularly see her dolling up faces such as Cara Delavigne, Cindy Crawford and more including her bestie Kate Moss.
Previously all I had tried from the brand were Stolen From the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Tree Lipstick in Stoned Rose, which I had won in a blogging giveaway and the original Instant Look in a Pallete (which I adore may I say).  Since then I have oo'd & awed over a purchase a multitude of times but always found a reason not to purchase. Mainly being as there was no store near me to try out the products & I am an advocate for try before you buy especially in the makeup department - don't want to buy a hot pink and end up looking less like Bridget Bardot & more like Stripper Sue. A few months ago a small franchise of Charlotte Tilbury opened up in my local Norwich Jarrolds, which meant I could go swatch crazy on my hands. I thought about how as it was practically a new brand to me and how instead of individually reviewing products I wanted to review the brand as a whole, giving an overview of my experience with the brand as well as reviews of a range of products all in one. So I placed a giant order and awaited my luxurious golden beauty treats.

 I wanted to mention at this point there were a few problems with delivery; firstly I ordered enough for special next day delivery which came in a special limited edition box with samples, unfortunately, neither came true for my order for no apparent reason. I rang up customer services and they not only got my order sorted out quickly by making sure my products were with me early the next day and sending me a gift box with extra samples after forgetting with my products I received earlier. They also refunded £5 onto my account to use next time for free next day delivery or perhaps money off some new products. So even though there were problems, I must say Charlotte Tilbury has fab customer service; absolutely fabulous darling (pun intended).
As for the products I reviewed, I grabbed the new Instant Look in a Palette in Beauty Glow, a beach stick in Formentera (which unfortunately I had to send back, as alas it was broken) and a selection of three lipsticks including the famous Pillowtalk, Miranda May and Super Cindy.

First of all my favourite of the bunch, the Instant Look in a Palette in Beauty Glow. Now previously I have used the original Instant Look in a Palette which I religiously use everyday and on the go; The new beauty glow palette is just as much of a stunner. Like the previous palettes, it comes with three eyeshadows (an eye brighter, a shimmer and a smoke colour) a bronzer and highlighter, and two blushes (a swish and pop). The glow palettes aim is primarily to give you a bronzed goddess glow, I love the variety of products in these palettes it's just enough to pop into your handbag and keep your makeup topped up throughout the day. Each product is essentially a smaller travel sized version of Charlottes Bestsellers such as Filmstar Bronze and Glow, Cheek to Chic Blush and her Luxury Eye Palettes. If you're new to the brand I would really recommend getting one of these palettes to try out some of the products before you go the full hog.

Originally I just wanted to try out the new Hot Lips collection which Charlotte brought out last year. I had tried and tested a few but found myself attracted to two colours in particular; Miranda May (a beautiful coral pink inspired by Miranda Kerr) and Super Cindy (a peachy nude inspired by supermodel Cindy Crawford). Throughout the years Charlotte has worked with numerous celebrities and found their perfect shade through mixing up existing colours; she decided to create a collection to showcase these new individual colours with names to match their celebrity counterparts. The extra lipstick I unexpectantly picked up was Pillowtalk. Originally a best-selling lip liner, Tilbury turned this lusted over colour into a limited-edition lipstick. Needless to say, this has been hailed as the "perfect nude" by the Bloggersphere so I just had to get my hands on it. 

As for samples, I picked up Wonderglow, Goddess Skin Clay MaskOvernight Bronze and Glow Mask, Charlotte's Night Cream and Charlotte's Magic Cream. After giving these all a  whirl I found the Clay Mask, Magic Cream and Wonderglow did wonders for my skin, giving it a "lit from within' glow, however, I didn't really get along with the other samples. The Night Cream was much too rich and moisturising for my combination skin, whilst the Bronze and Glow Mask made my skin a little too bronzed for my normally vampire pale skins liking.

All in All, the standout product for me is definitely the Instant Look in a Palette Beauty Glow; It's a perfect addition to any Summer/Autumn Makeup Collection along with being one of my staples for beauty on the go. Charlotte Tilbury has amassed an empire of sophisticated and high-quality products which are perfect for anyone aged 18 all the way to 80. The products are so luxurious and classic throughout the ages, that I'm sure this brand will last the test of time.

Since writing this post I have received a couple of products from the lovely PR team over at Charlotte Tilbury so will be writing up a review of them pretty soon!




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