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I remember purchasing my first online copy of Blogosphere Magazine on a complete whim. I had seen a few of my favourite YouTubers in a tweeting frenzy about being on the cover or featuring in the magazine; apart from interviews with some amazing bloggers who have inspired me throughout my blogging journey, it was the statement “written by bloggers for bloggers” that really drew me in. After reading my first magazine I was hooked! Not only does it have some fabulous interviews, but it also has a section where bloggers feature their other favourite bloggers in several varying categories, and information and tips to help you with your own blogging.

If you’re a blogger make sure you check out their magazine here as don’t want to miss it!

Anyways onto the actual post! As I follow Blogosphere over on their twitter page I had noticed they held their own events but I had always just missed it by a day or two. However, I made sure this time I was ready and quickly grabbed myself a ticket to their #BlogosphereSummerParty in London. After a long hot day on the train and tube, I finally found myself searching on the streets for the venue, However, I did spend about 10 minutes of getting confused about why I could hear music and people but couldn’t find a door.

When I finally arrived at the venue it was blogger heaven with brick walls, vintage furniture and the comfiest sofa’s and armchairs in the world. I was given an icebreaker sheet and encouraged to chat with my fellow bloggers, although luckily enough I recognised Elaine – xomisse – and got my chatting shoes on! There was plenty of bloggers to meet and chat to and because I didn’t really know any other bloggers there, it meant that I came across some new and really exciting bloggers friends. As it was the heat of summer I was dying from dehydration and grabbed myself a drink from The London Tea Company; I tried their new Rhubarb and Peach Iced Tea – it was light, refreshing and was exactly what I needed – and of course I had to help myself to a Nutella Cupcake from the selection above – it was gorgeous and the perfect cheeky treat whilst I was on my diet – .


Coming up to the event I had researched the brands that were going to make an appearance and found myself drawn to Jewellery Box. They have a selection of beautiful bracelets, earrings and necklaces at really affordable prices. I got a sweet little necklace with three small white beads attached to the centre and these gorgeous shooting star earrings which I’m pretty sure I’ve worn nearly every day since the event.

Here are some of the fabulous bloggers I met at the event, make sure you check out their blogs as their all such lovely and genuine girls!

Sarah – Taylor – Vix – Fi – Megan – Elaine – Carli – Jasmin


This was such a fun event and it was so friendly compared to other events I’ve been to, where they’ve been so large but so cramped you just get trampled or lost in the crowd. It was just nice to get the opportunity to have a chat and gossip with everyone there.
I can’t wait for my next Blogosphere event and am even considering a subscription because I love the magazine that much!

Anna xo


6 responses to “Blogosphere Summer Party”

  1. darriyan says:

    This sounds like a good magazine and a really good event! Thanks for sharing

    Darriyan xo

  2. Kate says:

    I got the magazine a few times when it first came out. Sounds like you had a great time at the event 🙂

  3. Naomi Rowan says:

    Oh my. This is a dream! I hope that I can make it to an event like this one day. I’ll definitely be checking that magazine out too!

    • FarewellMay says:

      Make sure you check out their twitter for upcoming events! I think they are going to be selling tickets to their Christmas Market again soon too! x

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